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Acrylic Yarns

The content of these yarns are primarily made up of acrylic fibers

Downton Abbey Matthew Yarn
This yarn is inspired by the unexpected heir who steals Lady Mary's heart. Premier Yarns Downton Abbey Matthew yarn is a worsted weight wool blend tweed just right for classic cabled scarves and hats, ...
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Alpaca Dance Yarn
Astra Yarn
Aurora Yarn
Baby Coordinates Yarn
Baby Soft Yarn
Baby Sport Yarn Big Ball
Best Seller
Baby Yarn
Erin's Pick
Beehive Baby Chunky Yarn
Beehive Baby Sport Yarn
Bergere De France Barisienne Yarn
Bergere De France Caline Yarn
Bergere De France Coton Fifty Yarn
Bergere De France Fileco Yarn
Bergere De France Magic + Yarn
Bergere De France Siberie Yarn
New Arrival
Bernat Beyond Yarn
New Arrival
Bernat Pop! Yarn
Best Seller
Big Ball Chunky Yarn
Boston Mix Yarn (Clearance)
Boston Yarn (Clearance)
Bravo Big Yarn (Clearance)
Best Seller
Canadiana Yarn
Color Clouds Yarn
Color Waves Yarn
Dazzle Yarn
New Arrival
Deborah Norville Everyday Baby Yarn
Erin's Pick
Decor Yarn
Delish Yarn (Clearance)
Downton Abbey Matthew Yarn
Ever Soft Yarn
Everyday Yarn
New Arrival
Fair Isle Liberty Craft Yarn
New Arrival
Fair Isle Madeline Yarn
New Arrival
Fair Isle Nantucket Yarn
New Arrival
Fair Isle Vashon Yarn
Faux Fur Pom Pom 1/Card
Filigree Yarn (Clearance)
Flirt Yarn (Clearance)
Giggles Yarn
Go Team Yarn
Heartland Thick & Quick Yarn
Heartland Yarn
Erin's Pick
Homespun Thick & Quick Yarn
Homespun Yarn
Hometown USA Yarn
Ice Cream Big Scoop Yarn
Ice Cream Yarn
Iced Yarn (Clearance)
New Arrival
Isaac Mizrahi Carlyle Yarn
New Arrival
Isaac Mizrahi Carnegie Hill Yarn
New Arrival
Isaac Mizrahi Lexington Yarn
New Arrival
Isaac Mizrahi Sutton Yarn
Jamie Yarn
Jumbo Prints Variegated Yarn
Kraemer Fountain Hill Yarn
Kraemer Perfection Chunky Yarn
Kraemer Perfection DK Yarn
Kraemer Perfection Super Bulky Yarn
Kraemer Perfection Worsted Yarn
Kraemer Tatamy DK Yarn
Kraemer Tatamy Worsted Yarn
Lace Yarn
Best Seller
Landscapes Yarn
Li'l Tots Yarn
New Arrival
Lion Brand Jeans Yarn
New Arrival
Lion Brand Mandala Yarn
New Arrival
Lion Brand New Basic 175 Yarn
New Arrival
Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick Bonus Bundle
New Arrival
Lion Brand Wow Yarn
New Arrival
Lions Pride Woolspun Yarn
Lova Fan (Clearance)
Lumio Yarn (Clearance)
Mega Brushed Chunky Yarn
Mega Colors Yarn (Clearance)
Modern Baby (Clearance)
One Pound Yarn
New Arrival
Patons Alpaca Blend Yarn
Peak Yarn
Pound of Love Baby Yarn
New Arrival
Premier Appalachia Yarn
New Arrival
Premier Candy Shop Yarn
New Arrival
Premier Chamonix Yarn
Premier Couture Jazz Yarn
Premier DIY Gradient Yarn Box
New Arrival
Premier London Yarn
New Arrival
Premier Milano Yarn
New Arrival
Premier New York Yarn
New Arrival
Premier Paris Yarn
New Arrival
Premier Puzzle Yarn
Best Seller
Premier Sweet Roll Yarn
New Arrival
Premier Toy Box Yarn
Primo Yarn
Red Heart Classic Yarn
Red Heart Soft Yarn
New Arrival
Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn
New Arrival
Red Heart Unforgettable Waves Yarn
Red Heart With Love Yarn
Roving Yarn
Best Seller
Satin Yarn
Erin's Pick
Scarfie Yarn
Sequin Lace Yarn
Serenity Chunky Sequin Yarn
Serenity Chunky Yarn
Shetland Chunky Yarn
Simply Baby (Clearance)
Best Seller
Simply Soft Heather Yarn
Simply Soft Light Yarn (Clearance)
Simply Soft Paints Yarn
Simply Soft Party Yarn
Simply Soft Stripes Yarn
Best Seller
Simply Soft Yarn
Softee Baby Chunky
Softee Baby Colors Yarn
Softee Baby Ombre Yarn
Erin's Pick
Softee Baby Yarn
Best Seller
Softee Chunky 11 sts
Sox Yarn
Best Seller
Super Saver Yarn
Super Value Ombre Yarn
Super Value Solid Yarn
Super Value Stripes Yarn
Super Value Team Colors Yarn
Team Spirit Yarn
Textures Yarn
The Pom
Theo Yarn (Clearance)
Top This! Hat Yarn
Tweed Stripes Yarn
Unforgettable Yarn
Erin's Pick
Unique Yarn
Uplands Yarn (Clearance)
Vanna's Choice Baby Yarn
Vanna's Choice Yarn
Vanna's Complement Yarn (Clearance)
Vanna's Glamour Yarn
New Arrival
Vanna's Style Yarn
Viva Yarn
Wool Ease Chunky Yarn
Wool Ease Tonal Yarn
Wool Ease Yarn
Erin's Pick
Wool Free Lace
Wool Free Sock Yarn
Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn
Wool-Up Bulky Yarn