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#4 Worsted Weight Yarns


The most popular weight for knitting and crocheting. An ideal weight for throws and many adult garments. It is the perfect choice for knit or crochet afghans as the projects will work up quickly without getting too bulky. For similar reasons, this is a very popular choice for family garments or accessories. Most felted projects are worked using 100% wool in this weight.

Yarn types in this category are often made from cotton/synthetic blends, wool, acrylic or wool/synthetic blends.

UK/Australia approximate equivalent: 10 ply, Aran weight
  • Knit Gauge Range* in Stockinette Stitch to 4 inches = 1620 sts
  • Recommended Needle in Metric Size Range = 4.5 5.5 mm
  • Recommended Needle U.S. Size Range = 7 to 9
  • Crochet Gauge* Ranges in Single Crochet to 4 inch = 1114 sts
  • Recommended Hook in Metric Size Range = 5.5 6.5 mm
  • Recommended Hook U.S. Size Range = I9 to K10 1⁄2
* GUIDELINES ONLY: The above reflect the most commonly used gauges and needle or hook sizes for specific yarn categories.

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